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Everon Energies has an experience of providing enriching experiences to its customers, and our work speaks for itself. A wide spanned work, replete with the requirements and functional usages, we have designed our way which leads us to become one of the most trusted solar company. Guided and led by the vision of our experts, each project that is taken up is executed with utmost devotion and care, keeping in mind the affordability and the utility of the project.

We have 10+ years of experience in installing rooftop solar power solution for residential purpose in central India and all with satisfied clients with a big smile on there face.

We are Experts in Solar Installations

All your solar installations are handled by expert and well trained professionals. Everon energies looks into all aspects of solar installation right from exact requirement you need for your residence in terms of Kilowatt and accordingly solar panels of high quality are selected with high end premium energy storage batteries. Some of our process we follow during solar installations are as given.

  1. Design and planning
  2. Required documentation works
  3. Approvals from electric company.
  4. Installation of solar equipments
  5. Testing and monitoring.

We Customize your design

Solar installations are usually completed withing 7 days but also depends upon the size of your system.

Everon Energies are qualified and seasoned solar installation company in Nagpur and central India which ensures providing best possible solar solution at your door step.


Why you should trust and prefer Everon Energies?

The solar cell technology of  Everon Energies offers unprecedented efficiency to cut down your electricity bills by a huge margin. They are capable of producing nearly 70% of more power over the first 25 years of installation when compared to conventional systems. With minimum footprint, they offer maximized energy output throughout this period. Whatever be your location, you can buy Everon Energies Solar panels because they are built to withstand rain, hail, and heat. They have a state-of-the-art monitoring system to track system’s performance and best-in-class warranty to ensure long-term value for your solar installation.

Solar System Details

10+ Years of Experience

We are Solar industry leader and provide complete system warranty.

Highly Efficient Everon Energies Solar Panels

Everon energies solar panels are highly efficient and provides more power from fewer solar panels.

Greater savings and more energy

System Monitoring

All energy generated and utilized are very well monitored in Everon Energies solar power system.

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